9 x 5 Paintings

9 x 5 (size) paintings follow in the tradition of that set by Australia’s Impressionist movement of the 1880’s.  Their first exhibition held in Melbourne in 1889 consisting of 182 impressions in the main by Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton & Charles Conder, were painted on discarded cedar cigar-box lids 9 by 5 inches in size (or thereabouts).

The metric size for 9x5s that have been adhered to by Steve (and this is the size that Julian Ashton Art School & Mosman Art Society go by) is: 237 x 135mm.  In this folder of the website, there are also included paintings which are derivatives of this – maintaining the 135mm element (usually as height), but also incorporating lengths of 500 & 800mm respectively.  Virtually an ‘extension’ of the 9×5 ‘landscape’ format.

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